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Payment with NO RISK
Security and Trust is the bedrock of all online shopping transactions. Without secure, fraud-proof payment methods, all online transactions are doomed to failure. In our efforts to allay our customers'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' reservations and fears about online payment, At! We offer a variety of Payment Options so that our customers have the flexibility to choose whichever option suits them the best. Our payment methods are:

Credit Card
We accepts Master Card, Visa, American Express and JCB Credit Cards. After you finish adding items into your shopping cart, simply press the checkout button at the bottom of the page Then press Online credit card payment icon on the next payment options page.
Enter your credit card information on the next page and click Submit.  All Credit Card transactions are protecting by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer, to encrypt your information when you send it to us. A notification email will be sent to you within minutes confirming payment and your order will be processed immediately.  

Demand Draft or Money Order 
We also accept payment via Demand Draft or by National-International Money Orders. All Demand Drafts or Money Orders/International Money Orders payable to B.K.Exports, Jaipur and should be posted to the below mentioned address along with transaction reference number for fast processing. 

M/s. B.K.Exports, 
10, Film Colony, 
S.M.S. Highway, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur 302 003,
Rajasthan, India
Tel: +919828065980

* Kindly send via Registered or Express mail services Only. 
* Please note that all the orders with personal check or money order payments will be processed only after the clearance of the check or money order. It takes around 3-4 weeks to clear the International check or Money order so your order will take around 3-4 weeks to be dispatched.

Wire Transfer 
Wire transfers can be submitted with the help of your banking institution. Provide your bank with the information below to properly transfer your payment: 

Mode of remittance : MT100
Pay To (Correspondent Bank): CITIBANK. 16 Th Floor, 111, Wall Street, New York ,NY 10043,USA
Swift Code: Citi bank,USA. CITIUS 33
Swift Code:State bank of Hyderabad,India  SBHYINBB
Current A/C No.: 36074976
Beneficiary: B.K.Exports, 10 Film Colony, SMS Highway, Jaipur 302 003, India
Beneficiary Account no:  52019520127

Or Pay By :- Paypal

You can also pay using paypal with id  :

If you are still  experiencing any problems with  payment or have any questions , you may email us at

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